As a highly rated local auto service shop, we are truly is your best dealership alternative for all your auto service and repairs. We are ASE certified that works with all makes and models including BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen

  1. Oil Change
  2. Schedule Maintenance
  3. Tune up
  4. Brakes 
  5. Fluids flushes 
  6. Timing belts 
  7. Water pumps
  8. Alternators 
  9. Starters 
  10. Cv axles 
  11. Wheel bearings 
  12. Suspension Services
  13. Battery Services
  14. Transmission Repair
  15. Brake Services
  16. Engine Repair

We specialize in aircooled for VW Bugs.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (408) 462-9581

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